Facebook is developing day by day and publishing many features. Facebook created messenger for chat. They are also improving messenger. They were added many games on messenger by game developers or game companies. Two games are made by Facebook. Basketball and Football. And these games are very popular among people. Most of the time we want a high score. But it's not easy to do high score. Then we want to hack the score on our rooted or without rooted android phone. How it possible to cheat in messenger basketball?  

Messenger games hack
How to Hack Messenger Games

Basketball or soccer, twice games are hackable in rooted or unrooted phones. It's easy for rooted android users. And pretty difficult for unrooted users.

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What we need to cheat on messenger basketball or football games?

>>For rooted users,need only one app. It’s "Game Guardian"
>>For unrooted users, you need minimum of two apps. We can not use "Game Guardian" in unrooted android. So we need to be some tricky. We will use some "virtual space" apps. There are many "virtual space" apps available on play store.
I'm giving a list of virtual space : Parallel space,virtualXposed,Go multiple,Dual space,Virtual space,etc.
You need to try these "virtual space" apps one after another. Because all is not workable with every phone. It's aggravating for unrooted users.
So you need to install minimum two apps if you are a lucky guy.

How to install "Game Guardian" ?

>>It's a little disturbance to install. Don't worry.
just tap download. And then -
Install > (installing) > Open > (Don't skip,wait for 100%) > Install again with a random app name > (installing) > tap "OK" > unintall 1st installation,tap "OK".
It's complete. Close the " Game Guardian" tab.

Now install one or more virtual space that you choose from my list. It's easy. Simply install it.

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How to Hack High Score: Basketball Game? 

  • Open your installed virtual space.
  • Add or clone "Game Guardian" and "Messenger" on virtual space.
  • Then open "Game Guardian" from virtual space. 
  • Tap "OK" and "Start" from the below-right side.
  • Now you can see an icon "GG".
  • Open "Messenger" from virtual space and login to your account.
  • Send basketball emoji to someone.🏀
  • After send, tap on that emoji.
  • The basketball game will open.
  • Now tap on that "GG" icon.
  • Select Messenger. 
  • Here you will see two messengers. Select the big sizes file.
  • Then cross the tab from the upper-right side.
  • Play the game, do scores - 2.
  • Now again open the "GG" icon, and tap on the search icon.🔍


  • Enter your score(our score 2) in "Value" field. 
  • Select type "Dword" and tap on "New search".
  • After the search, play again. 
  • Make another score. Our score is now 3.
  • Now again tap on the "GG" icon, enter your score 3 in the "value" field. 
  • And tap on "Refine".Would you notice it that the search result decreases after every refining?
  • Refine your score untiled you got only one or two result(s).
  • After getting the one result, tap on that result.
  • Write 999 in the "Value" field.
  • Tap on "Yes". And cross the tab.
  • Play again. If you can pelt the ball into the basket, see now your score is 1000!!

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But if you are unsuccessful, try other "virtual space" from my list. Or you will get many "virtual space" apps, just search on play store or google.

How to Hack High Score: Football Game? 

It's same as basketball. Just refine and refine.
But at first, you need to turn play icon to pause icon in "GG"

It's the difference only. So start now to try.

Video: Cheat in Messenger Basketball 

It is enjoyable when your friends see that you are first on the gameboard. But be alert. Otherwise, they also search for to know that how to hack messenger basketball and soccer games root or without root. Hahaha. Enjoy this.